A location-based publish and subscribe interface to social network


Social networks often lack the feature of finding people according to their current location. The location-based publish and subscribe paradigm is hard to scale but can be used to achieve this goal. Each user define a publication and a subscription that geographically follow him. Publications and subscriptions match when they are located in the same spatio/temporal range. Every time a publication overlaps a subscription the user receive a match that can be checked using push notifications or less intrusive events.


During this project, the student will implement an iOS or Android application. Two core components will be used to achieve the aforementioned goal. The Auth0 SDK will be used to authenticate social network users. The Adjago SDK will be used to compute location matches. More practically, at the end-of the project, people attending a common event should be able to connect to each other using the mobile application.


benoit.garbinato@unil.ch / bertil.chapuis@unil.ch