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On this page, all the exercises will be posted the day of the course.

For the Exercise Sessions (TPs), there will be two groups.

Please note that these groups (A and B) are only for Forensic Science students! HEC students have their own group that you can see in the Excel sheet in this Google document.

Please refer the document below to check the group allotted to you. In case you do not find your name in the two lists, please notify us and we will add you to one of the Groups.


Python: cheatsheet-python-grok , mementopython3-english

Group A | Group B

Week 1 (18th 19th September): Switchdrive Setup | Pycharm Tutorial | Exercises1 |Exercise2

Week2 (25th, 26th September): Exercise | Scala Cheat Sheet

Week3 (October 2, 3): Exercise | Solutions TP 3

Week 4 (October 9,10): Exercise | Solutions TP_4

Week 5 (October 16, 17): Exercise | Solutions TP_5