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On this page, all the exercises will be posted the day of the course.

For the Exercise Sessions (TPs), there will be two groups.

Please note that these groups (A and B) are only for Forensic Science students! HEC students have their own group that you can see in the Excel sheet in this Google document.

Please refer the document below to check the group allotted to you. In case you do not find your name in the two lists, please notify us and we will add you to one of the Groups.

Group A | Group B

If you have questions related to the lectures or exercises, do not hesitate to contact the teaching assistants (just click on the name of one assistant to send an e-mail):  Miléna Engelhard, Jean-Marc Du, Yannick Patschke, Nomeny Ramamonjisoa, Xavier Burri, Adrien Vincart, Francesco Servida et Arnaud Gerosa

Exercise 1 (19-20-21th September 2017) | edumips64_guide (download eduMIPS64) => edumips64_solutions

Supplementary exercises (Session-I) | Tutorial and Explanation