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Lectures and exercise session will be streamed online on Zoom.


(8:30-10:00) Zoom ID: 2930019429 Passcode: 412846

Exercise Sessions

(10:15-12:00) Zoom ID: 5455609033 Passcode: 539836


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Week Date Lecture Exercise Session
1 14.09.2020 Course Overview Discover the Software Tools
2 21.09.2020 No course No course
3 28.09.2020 Programming Paradigms

Discover the Business Application

[Code] [Solution]

4 05.10.2020 Development Methodologies and Tools

Discover the Business Application/Testing

[Code] [Solution]

5 12.10.2020 Web Applications

Extend the Business Application with a Web Front-end

[Code] [Solution]




Modularity and Separation of Concerns

Extract the Business Logic of the Business Application Into Separate Managed Components

[Code] [Solution]

Q/A (26.10.2020)

8 02.11.2020 Thematic Week, No course Thematic Week, No course

9 – 10

09.11.2020 16.11.2020 Object Persistence and Transactions



Persistence and Transactions

[Code] [Solution]

11 23.11.2020 Asynchronous Interactions

Example Application (Web Sockets)

[Code] [No Solution]

12 30.11.2020

Asynchronous Interactions (cont.)

Web Services & Micro Services

Example Applications (UDP, TCP, JMS)

[Code] [No Solution]

13 07.12.2020 Web Services & Micro Services (cont.)

Web Service Application

[No Code] [Solution]

14 14.12.2020 Virtualization & Cloud Services

Restful and Microservice Applications

[Code for CRUD
Solution for RESTful]

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