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On this page, all the slides of the lectures are usually posted one day before the day of the course.


– Python: cheatsheet-python-grok + mementopython3-english

– Scala:

– Swift: RW-Swift-Cheatsheet-0_8 +

If you have questions related to the lectures or exercises, do not hesitate to contact the teaching assistants (just click on the name of one assistant to send an e-mail): Miléna Engelhard, Jean-Marc Du, Yannick Patschke, Nomeny Ramamonjisoa, Xavier Burri, Adrien Vincart, Francesco Servida et Arnaud Gerosa

Lecture 1 (19th September 2017) – Course Overview | Computer Architecture

Lecture 2 (26th September 2017) – System Software

Lecture 3 (3rd October 2017) – Basic Programming (last update: 05.10.2017)

Lecture 4 (10th October 2017) – Iteration-Recursion

Lecture 5 (17th October 2017)Algorithms and Computational Complexity

Lecture 6 (31th October 2017)Searching algorithms

Lecture 7 (7th November 2017)Graph algorithms

Lecture 8 (14th November 2017)Spatial tree algorithms

Lecture 9 (21th November 2017)Probabilistic Algorithms

Lecture 10 (28th November 2017)Classes, Objects & Methods

Lecture 11 (5th December 2017) – Inheritance & Polymorphism

Lecture 12 (12th December 2017) – Abstract Classes and Types

Lecture 13 (19th December 2017) – Functional Programming