Bertil Chapuis

3b2aa9cPhD Candidate – Distributed Object Programming Lab (DopLab)
Université de Lausanne
Département des Systéms d’Information (ISI)
Faculté des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC)

Quartier UNIL-Dorigny ,  Bâtiment Internef
Office: 128.3,  CH-1015 Lausanne
Phone: 021 692 35 80
Email: firstname.lastname at unil dot ch


Bertil Chapuis is a research and teaching assistant at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He joined the Distributed Object Programming Lab in 2013. Bertil’s research focuses on next-generation geographic information systems and spans mobility prediction, spatial data storage and indexation and location-aware publish/subscribe. Prior and in parallel to Unil, Bertil shows a strong interest for entrepreneurship. He ran a small software engineering company for four years and co-founded a startup called Astrocast.


A Horizontally Scalable and Reliable Architecture for Location-Based Publish-Subscribe
B Chapuis, B Garbinato, L Mourot
Proceedings of the 36th Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS 2017)

Scaling and Load Testing Location-based Publish and Subscribe
B Chapuis, B Garbinato
Proceedings of the 37th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2017)

Capturing complex behaviour for predicting distant future trajectories
B Chapuis, A Moro, V Kulkarni, B Garbinato
Proceedings of the 5th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Mobile Geographic Information Systems (MobiGIS 2016)

Throughput: A Key Performance Measure of Content-Defined Chunking Algorithms
B Chapuis, B Garbinato, P Andritsos
Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops (ICDCSW 2016)