Many indoor tracking solutions rely on fixed nodes , e.g., Bluetooth gateways, that use Received Signal Strength (RSS) measurements and some form of triangulation to track and estimate the position of moving nodes, e.g., Bluetooth beacons or smartphones. However, as soon as just one fixed tracking node fails, these solutions tend to loose positioning accuracy. So a key challenge here is to quickly detect and report when tracking nodes fail.


The goal of this project is to devise an approach to detect when tracking nodes fail and to act accordingly, in order to reduce positioning inaccuracies. In doing so, the student will start by surveying RSS-based indoor tracking solutions and investigate how they could be extended to support failure detection. Then, the student will develop a solution that allows detecting when a tracking node fails and adapt the tracking technique accordingly, with the goal to minimize the positioning error. For this project, the student is expected to have a keen interest in distributed systems as well as an open and curious mindset and to be at ease with the discovery of new technologies.