Exercises Week 1

If you have an error after opening a Netbeans project, i.e., system files are not recognized and highlighted in red, you can use the command dot_clean netbeansprojectpath in a terminal to delete these generated files.

Exercise 1 (22nd September 2016) – Becoming familiar with lab & tool: Netbeans discovery

  1. Login: you should use your HEC username/password to login to FAME machines. If you do not know what is your HEC account or if you do not have a HEC account please follow the instructions in this link and create an account as soon as possible. While waiting for your HEC account to be created, you can use the “guest” account which does not have any password.
  2. How to use NetBeans IDE to write, run, and deploy a Java application: check this tutorial.

IMPORTANT: if you have any problem to create your HEC account or to login to FAME machines, please contact: Michel.Schuepbach@unil.ch

How to use NetBeans GUI builder

  1. In this exercise, you learn how to create a simple calculator (that only adds two input numbers) using Netbeans GUI builder. Before starting the exercise, make sure that you know the basic principles of Java Swing programming.
  2. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create a simple calculator using the NetBeans GUI builder.
  3. If you have difficulties to use Netbeans GUI builder or if you need a more comprehensive guide to the GUI Builder’s design features, see this link.

HackerRank Challenge

Exercise 2 (27/09/2019) – Lab 2 exercises

Exercise 3 (04/10/2019) – Lab 3 exercises

Exercise 4 (11/10/2019) – No lab session

Exercise 5 (18/10/2019) – Lab 5 exercises, Solutions

Exercise 6 (25/10/2019) – Lab 6 presentations (Git, Netbeans and EJB)

Exercise 7 (01/11/2019) – Data Persistence , Solutions

Exercise 8 (08/11/2019) – No lab session

Exercise 9 (15/11/2019) – JSP and JSF exercises, Solutions

Exercise 10 (22/11/2019) – Future and Sockets exercises, Solutions

Exercise 11 (29/11/2019) – Web sockets and JMS exercises, Solutions

Exercise 12 (06/12/2019) – Web Services & Micro Services

Exercise 13 (13/12/2019) – Web Services & Micro Services 2